1. Sales and marketing

    Sales and marketing

    We can tailor our sales and marketing services accordingly to the needs of our clients. Our sales representatives’ talent and expertise will guarantee the substantial growth of your business.

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  2. Warehousing and distribution

    Warehousing and distribution

    Van de Water-Raymond is a national warehousing and distribution company with a reputation of excellence. Our team is known for being committed and efficient in the warehousing and distribution industry, and is an excellent partner to all our clients.

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  3. Packaging and assembling

    Packaging and assembling

    We offer leading packaging and assembling services to our clients, whether they are from the food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical industry sectors. The solutions we provide are well-adapted for a variety of markets, especially superstores.

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  4. Buy and sell

    Buy and sell

    Thanks to our firmly established wide network of contacts in Canada, we are a great business partner to have. Our buy and sell services will yield tangible results for your business.

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  5. Technology


    The power of state-of-the-art information systems allows us to be fully equipped and thoroughly efficient to report on sales, distribution, market changes, store frequency, retail prices, promotions and much more.

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